Tuesday, November 29, 2005

League of Gentlemen

Rui clued me in to the League of Gentlemen a few weeks ago. It was a British dark-comedy that aired over here a few years ago. I remember hearing about it in the US, but never caught it on BBCAmerica, becuase my sister dumped her satellite before it was aired in the US.

Anyway, last night, Rui surprised me by taking me to see the live performance they did here at the Plymouth Pavillions. The show was pretty good, and was definitely funny, but unfortunately the sound wasn't all that great.

If you have the chance to see the show, it's definitely worth it. Just be warned that it's a very dark comedy... very dark. It's also kind of like X-files with comedy mixed in, so that may throw some people off. I need to see more than just the first series though.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Stayin' Alive!

Hey everyone. I know that some of you are probably wondering if I'm still alive, and what the hell's happened to me in the last month. Time just seems to have been flying lately. Last thing I knew, it was the middle of October, and then I blinked, and it's the end of November! I can't believe I turn 29 in a little over a week! EEKS!!

Halloween consisted of two separate events here. The night before Halloween, Syndie and I dressed up and went to Sing-A-Long Rocky Horror Picture Show, which was incredibly fun. I'd never been to a showing of RHPS where people went all-out before. This one had the squirt guns, screaming, dressing up, etc... it had it all. The next night, we went to a small party at my Portuguese friend Rui's home. The pic above is Rui and I dressed up. I went as BabyDaddy from the Scissor Sisters, and yes, I did buy that hat...and do continue to wear it...thank you very much.

Since then, time has been flying. I've been keeping up with school and keeping up with life in general. Because of a Visa problem, my bank account got locked up over here for a long time, and I had to get that sorted out. Basically, Heathrow wrote the wrong date, and messed things up big time. I had to get them to acknowledge said mistake and put it in writing. Hopefully rude customs lady got in big trouble over her mistake.

I'm currently trying to make plans for Christmas. I might go to Portugal to stay with Rui, or may go on a trip to Scotland. Money's the big deciding issue right now. New Years will be spent with Syndie and Charlie in London. Whooo!

I've got more to share, but I have to run for now. Just thought people might like to know that they didnt' fish my dead body out of the Barbican here in Plymouth.