Sunday, April 30, 2006

Flora and Fauna

Either a bird was building a nest in the shower, or one of my flatmates decided to trim their bush.

Morning officially ruined.

Musical Magic 8 Ball

I found this while perusing MEK's archives this morning. There's a set of questions, which will be magically answered by the shuffle setting on iTunes. Since Syndie refuses to acknowledge the glory of iTunes, she is not allowed to play. Okay, maybe she can with Wincrap... er... amp, but there's no guarantee to the validity of her answers.

Here's what to do. Ask iTunes the question, and see what mystical answer iTunes plays from your complete Library when put on shuffle play. No playlists here! Like the original author stated, no use of the same artist twice, or I'd have them all end up Ryan Adams. Then, interpret at will.

1. How does the world see you?
St. Patrick's Day - John Mayer
Must have been as close to St. Rick that iTunes could manage at the time. Does this mean I have to cozy up to Ratzi? Yuck.

2.Will I have a happy life?
Sure Shot - Beastie Boys
This answer is made even better by a dog saying "I love you" at the beginning of the song. Double happiness points!

3. What do my friends really think of me?
Especially For You - Kylie Minogue
I knew their worlds revolved around mine, but now I have divine proof!

4. Do people secretly lust after me?
Makes Me Wanna Die - Tricky
I'm not sure if this is a yes, or a no. Either I'm repulsive as hell, or Tom Cruise secretly wants me, and is going to kill me. He'll probably do it dressed as a clown too, because he's all messed up like that.

5. How can I make myself happy?
Be-In - The Dandy Warhols
The song's about drugs and being alone in my room. Guess I'll give it a shot.

6. What should I do with my life?
Biological - Air
Nice. Really nice. Rub it in that I changed my major from Biology a long time ago, iTunes Powers That Be!

7. Will I ever have children?
Factory Girls - Flogging Molly
Not only a resounding yes, but with much destiny described too. Looks like my family's going back to their roots.

8. What is some good advice for me?
Live Again - Better Than Ezra
Damnit. I gotta go check my karma.

9. How will I be remembered?
Save Your Day - Jose Gonzalez
I hope this ties in with the St. Rick thing, and I'm getting a national holiday.

10. What is my signature dancing song?
Ooh La La - Goldfrapp
I swear it's still on shuffle! The iTunes is all powerful!

11. What do I think my current theme song is?
Chemical Party - Gavin DeGraw
Well, looks as if I have some drug issues I didn't know about. Or, I secretly harbor desires of becoming a druggie. I'd prefer to be a Kate Moss coke-nose than a Whitney Houstan crack-whore though.

12. What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
Anything But Down - Sheryl Crow
I can live with that.

13. What song will play at my funeral?
If I Am (Acoustic Version) - Nine Days
Not exactly what I would have chosen, which leaves me wondering who's in charge of the arrangements. At least it's not some dopey hymn though.

14 What type of lover do I like?
Your Sweet Voice - The Reindeer Section
Well, there go my chances with James Blunt. Drat. If only there was a "Your Nasal Voice" song out there somewhere.

15. What is my day going to be like?
The Kiss - The Cure
Hopefully that's in reference to the action, not the band. I don't want to dress like Gene Simmons.

Well, I'm fairly satisfied with the answers, if for no other reason than no completely embarassing songs showed up on shuffle.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Two Great Sites

I love snarky blogs, unless they're being snarky about me. When that's the case, they suck. However, since nobody actually writes snarky blogs about me, happening across one would be pretty cool, in a sucky-cool sort of way. Sort of like when I found out today that they're making a sequal to the Hulk movie, except that there was absolutely no cool associated with that one.

Until such time as someone makes a sucky-cool snarky blog about me, I leave you with one about films, and one about celebrities. Enjoy!

I Watch Stuff

The Superficial

I (h) Skype.

4/29/06 11:02 PM
This is hot.
4/29/06 11:03 PM

4/29/06 11:04 PM
what the hell?!
4/29/06 11:04 PM
is that??
4/29/06 11:04 PM
it's from Silent Hill, but it wasn't in the film

4/29/06 11:04 PM
4/29/06 11:04 PM
I think there's going to be an incredible Director's Cut

4/29/06 11:04 PM
what exactly am i looking at?!
4/29/06 11:04 PM
It's a demon called Pyramid Head
4/29/06 11:04 PM
carrying a skinless body

4/29/06 11:04 PM
oh.. i remember you telling me about him
4/29/06 11:04 PM
okay.. that's freaky
4/29/06 11:05 PM
i was thinking more cartoony
4/29/06 11:05 PM
I've been looking for that photo for a while, and finally found it

4/29/06 11:05 PM
but that's definately not a cartoon
4/29/06 11:05 PM

4/29/06 11:05 PM
4/29/06 11:06 PM
that's nasty
4/29/06 11:06 PM
Yeah. It's fantastic!

4/29/06 11:06 PM
is that a skin apron?!
4/29/06 11:06 PM

4/29/06 11:06 PM
or skirt...whatever
4/29/06 11:06 PM
4/29/06 11:06 PM
4/29/06 11:06 PM
4/29/06 11:06 PM
we should get you one. They're totally in right now.

4/29/06 11:06 PM
note to self:
4/29/06 11:06 PM
no slient hill
4/29/06 11:06 PM
4/29/06 11:06 PM
with uggs

4/29/06 11:06 PM
4/29/06 11:07 PM
Aw... never?

4/29/06 11:07 PM
gotta raise the hem a bit though
4/29/06 11:07 PM
Yeah. Mini-skins are totally hot.

4/29/06 11:08 PM
4/29/06 11:08 PM
4/29/06 11:08 PM
I saw some fat-assed 40 year old woman wearing this mini skirt and fuzzy boots today.
4/29/06 11:09 PM
it was awful. Worse than that pic I just showed you

4/29/06 11:09 PM
4/29/06 11:09 PM
dont freak me out like that!
4/29/06 11:09 PM
She was by the dairy case in Somerfield, which was ironic because she had a crate of cottage cheese in her thighs

Friday, April 28, 2006

Adventures in Papersitting

Sometimes favours end up being much more than you ever thought they would be. Case in point, delivering a paper for Syndie this morning at the Faculty of Arts office.

I've encountered a lot of Britarded things here at UOP, but the fact that you can't turn your work in to your professor is one of them that chafes like wet leather trousers. Instead of giving any work to your professor in class, you have to turn them in at the faculty office by noon of the day they're due. One minute after noon, and you get a zero for any items being turned in.You also have to fill out paperwork to turn in with any assignments you may have. It's a huge hassle, and it drives me crazy. So yes, it's totally beurocratic, silly, and completely Britarded.

Anyway, I offered to turn in a paper for Syndie at the office this morning. I made sure that I was at the library at 11 this morning, so that I could have plenty of time to print, stand in line, and turn the paper in with a little breathing space.

Unfortunately, Syndie and I didn't notice that OpenOffice saves their files in an odd format, rather than as a Word or Rich Text document. I realized this after I'd been trying to open the document for 15 minutes at the uni to no avail. I soon realized I'd need OpenOffice on the computer to open it. But, since the computers there are AWFUL, and set up on the most ridiculous system I've ever seen, I couldn't do this. I asked the computer people, and they refused to help me. Not their problem. Wankers.

At this point, it's 11:20, and the only option was to run to my flat and pray that I could print it on my Mac. I've got OpenOffice on my Mac, but it's some weird program called NeoOffice (because nothing Mac is ever simple. Always better, just not simple.) Problem is, campus is a good 10 minute walk from campus at a brisk pace. So, I took off running the whole way, holding up my trousers that are falling off my butt since I lost all the weight here. When I got home, I hoped and prayed it would work, and happily it did. I printed the document, and ran out the door. (It's a long story why I didn't just print it at my flat in the first place. Just bear with me.)

I ran downstairs to the housing office, demanded they let me use the stapler, and ran out the door. As I neared the campus, I saw the stupid charity people. Here, they hire people to beg money for charities. One of their favorite places to do so is the major walkway to the campus. It drives me crazy. This morning, one overzealous bloke was deliberately getting in people's ways, and stopping them while he asked for money. I was on an island in the middle of the street when our eyes met. I knew he was going to block me. Without hesitation, I yelled across the street that I'd knock him out if he got in my way in my most menacing American voice. He conceeded.

Run, run, run. I get to the office with a little time to spare, but there's a really long queue of people waiting to turn stuff in. Even though there's this oversight with the policy, they'll still flunk people if they were waiting in line to turn stuff in. Like I said before, Britarded.

I quickly realized that people didn't have the proper paperwork yet, let alone filled out. Since Syndie had already done this, I stormed to the front of the queue, and turned in the paperwork with a few minutes to spare. Hooray! Against all odds, I had succeeded.

Walking past the long queue of icy glares, I felt elated. My morning adventure had been better than anything from the DaVinci Code, and I didn't have to look all jowly and bloated like Tom Hanks to participate.

How to Make Techno Music in Your Head

1) Read a news article about French President Jacques Chirac.

2) Repeat the name "Jacques Chirac" over and over in a monotone voice at approximately 120 beats per minute.

3) Lay an imaginary bass groove over the mantra.

4) Mental percussion should randomly kick in soon.

5) For that DFA feel, add mental cowbell to the mix. Change the "Jacques Chirac" mantra's monotone to James's Murphy's trademark howl.

6) Sit back and groove to the music in your head.

7) (Optional) Use a banana or two as glow sticks to drive Rui crazy.

Ah, if only Apple's GarageBand was that easy.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Silent Hill

I'm off to see Silent Hill in a little bit. I'm really stoked to see it, because I have a feeling that this film will go back to what horror movies should be, rather than the mind-numbing toned-down rubbish that seems to have saturated the film industry lately.

It's getting awful reviews. I'm excited about this. Mainly, because I trust director Christophe Gans. While his film "Brotherhood of the Wolf" got horrible reviews, its become one of my favorites. Second, I think that your average person is a nincompoop, and will automatically reject and abhorr anything they don't quite understand. Cross reference the last 3 efforts of the Washowski Brothers here. And finally, when I saw the pictures of Pyramid Head a few months ago, I knew that we were back to bone-chilling freak you out horror. Huzzah!

If nothing else, it can't be as bad as the gory-lameness that was Hostel. I was so disappointed. Gore does not equal good. Didn't the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake teach us anything? Massacre, hardly. Dessecration, for sure.

I'll give a review later, and let you know what I think. I'm just amazed a movie is actually opening at the same time here in the UK as the US, rather than opening here the same week it debuts on DVD there. *sigh*

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I Hate Myspace

I'll probably be attacked for saying this, but I hate Myspace. I'd rather die of herpessyphilghonnoraids than even start a myspace account. I had a friend say he wouldn't speak to me unless I started a myspace page. I told him I'd never speak to him if he had one, and probably kill him. We've since decided to agree to disagree.

Here are my main reasons for hating Myspace:

1) The early-adopters in the myspace craze were not the type of people I want to cozy up to. Namely, doofy high schoolers and vapid college students. You know, the ones who consider RaNDomiZed CaPITolS 2 B HoT!! I won't even go into leet speek and other atrocities against the English language at this point. I know language evolves and all, but conforming to stupidity because American pop culture needs to be dictated by 16-year-olds? No thanks.

2) My eyes! My freakin' eyes! The average myspace page makes my eyes melt in my head, gives me an anyeurism, and makes me break out in shingles. That's even before the stupid YouTube videos start playing and hogging up bandwidth.

Note: If you must create a Myspace page, please follow these tips on making it aesthetically pleasing. And by "must" I mean "socialists are going to murder and eat your family live on television if you don't conceed." Oh, and never ask me to visit or become one of your tacky online friends. I'll stab your eyes out with a shrimp fork, which brings us to...

3) The freakish online popularity contests that happen with the friends option. I thought it was laughable in high school, but now it's pushed over into the cyber world. If you don't have at least 30 friends, you're a complete loser. And let's face it, maybe only two or three are actually friends. The rest of you are just link-whoring to each other for false popularity. I've even seen blog entries begging people to go sign up as their friends on myspace.

Maybe I'm just old, maybe I'm just cranky, maybe I need to just lighten up. Either way, at the end of the day, I still hate Myspace.

Civil War - Marvel

After reading The New Avengers: Illuminati and Amazing Spiderman recently, Rui and I are trying to figure out Tony Stark's intentions towards Peter Parker?

I think he's just making Spidey choose sides before he even knows there will be a war, and Rui thinks that Stark's planning something even more sinister, like making Spidey reveal his identity publicly. Ack!

Any ideas?

Organized Anarchy?

On my walk home this morning, I noticed that little white stickers had been placed on all of the lightposts. Curious, I was graced with sheer stupidity.

Don't fight for the rich!
Fight the rich!

- Anarchy Federation
Um, doesn't organized anarchy pretty much go against the tenants of anarchy? Why should they be in authority, when there shouldn't be any authority, according to most of their mission statements?

Perhaps if I'd ever met an anarchist that wasn't more than a whiney child looking for a way to legalize drugs or for even more selfish gains, I'd have a better view on anarchy in general. As is, I just scoff.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Lather, Reload, Repeat

I'm hating Blogger right now. I've been trying to log in to write a post for a long time now. Connection kept being reset, and needed reloaded. Ok? Confirm Post Data? Reload? Back? Reload? Stop? Repeat? Lag, lag, lag...

I don't even know if this will post. Something popped up at the bottom about "connection failure - test connection." I guess I'm supposed to try it again. *sigh*

I had a great entry about the weekend in mind. No more. If Blogger wasn't the right price I'd say a lot of nasty things about it. Instead, I'm off to read my new comics.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Come On Ride the Train...

I'm going on a weekend trip to Bristol and Cardiff (Wales) in a few hours. Rui and I will take the train to Bristol for tonight, and go to Cardiff tomorrow, then back to Bristol for Sunday. It should be a good weekend.

Bristol is where a lot of innovative music came from, like Massive Attack, Tricky, and Roni Size. Hopefully we'll get a taste of the greatness.

Cardiff is the capitol of Wales, and we're planning on going to the castle, St. John's cathedral, the Welsh Tartan Centre (kilts) and the comic store. Yeah, we're nerds.

I'll try to post a few pics after we get back.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Further Adventures in Inbred Land

We went to dinner at one of the Spanish restaurants last Monday night. It's odd, because the Spanish place is more Mexican, and the Mexican place is more like food from my toilet. Yes, that's digested food.

A bottle of cheap red wine later, we half stumbled out the door to go home. On our way, we met a very jolly English lass. She was mystified by GaZpar's latin looks. I was mystified by her hellishly mistreated hair. Doesn't Amnesty International care that she's torturing her hair like that? Is there a sudden lack of conditioner I should be warned about? Then again, the fact that her hair looked like burnt egg noodles was less of a worry than the fact that she was certifiably PSYCHO!! She wouldn't leave us alone, even to the point of running out in the road in front of a taxi to get to us. Trust me, you don't mess with taxi drivers here. Vehicular manslaughter is a badge of courage in these parts. After finding out GaZpar was Portuguese, she told us all about how her father was from Portugal. Maybe her mom slept with a glass of Port wine, and this poor girl got all confused. Who knows. The Iraq war makes more sense than this girl ever will. We only got rid of her, after she followed us like a lost puppy, by GaZpar pretending to be Spanish. Apparently, girlfriend has major issues with the Spanish. Hmmm... maybe she really is Portuguese after all. All I know is that she was about 30 seconds from getting a one-way trip on the Fist Express to Lisbon.

About five minutes later, we walk by a guy in front of the Heine Gerick motorcycle shop. I'm not sure what he was tripping on, but all you could see of this guy was pupils, and his upper jaw about to gnaw off the lower one. Imagine for a second that Gollum was the prettiest one in the family, and his fugly cousin came to visit, after doing some crack cocaine that he smoked out of a dead hooker's skull. But first, he has to stop in front of the Heine Gerick store to scare drunks. Obviously, this guy won't be winning any beauty contests any time soon.

Phew! We're almost home now. Surely we're safe. But no! Here comes a younger guy talking loudly into his mobile phone, except for the important part of not having a mobile phone!! Oh yeah, and he's not actually talking to another person, but he's sure as hell having a full conversation with himself. Yeah, that conversation was not being charged by Orange, nor would he get 2 for 1 tickets at the cinema on Wednesday, unless it was at an insane asylum.

The scariest part of this whole walk home was the fact that we were drunk, but we seemed to be the only normal people about. You've got to love Plymouth.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Today's Embarassing Moment

I made me a big plate of chips (that's "Freedumb" fries to you Yanks) and a lovely veggie burger for lunch.

Seeing as how I'm particularly ravished at this meal, I didn't even think when I shoved a hot chip in my eager gob. Holy Buddah! That's hot! Hotter even than Eminem holding a set of twin babies. Yeah... that's hot.

As I spit half-chewed ball of potato napalm onto my plate, I realize my flatmate is standing behind me. Yes, looking at me like I'd just defecated on my plate.

Lunch was then served in the safety of my private room. *sigh*

Sunday, April 09, 2006

So Cultured

On my "Amazing Adventures!" today, I went to the Virgin Megastore and found more books for really cheap. Because they were only a quid each, I was able to buy them, knowing it's not a huge loss when I give them away in a few months.

Wanting to be cultured, I opted for books about tortured lesbians, and tortured animals. Sometimes the two can be confused, but the one novel is about lipstick lesbians, versus the neolithic wonders that roam Idaho.

Books of the day: "The Hours" and George Orwell's "Animal Farm."

Does this make me cultured like a pearl, or just a pig with fancy pearl earrings? (Yeah, I was NOT going to say necklace... pervert Syndie.)

I'll Take You To the Coffee Shop

... I'll let you lick the latte pop. Man, you can do just about anything with that song by 50 Cent.

I'm off to the coffee shop to get some swill. There are only a few coffee shops here, and none of them are particularly great. Even bad ones in Pocatello are better than the stellar ones here. O'Brien's isn't too bad, but you have to pay in cash, and Costa is overpriced and mediocre, but you can use a card and they don't mind as much if you just hang out. It's kind of like choosing between Bush and Kerry (well, if you were sent back in time and didn't know all the illegal crap Bush was going to do.)

I'm going to write a few emails that need to be written, work on some VJ stuff (just to show off when people are being nosey and staring at my monitor, which always happens here), and listen to some Fisherspooner.

I might even make it to Boots and buy some more shampoo, if I want an my Sunday to go from just simply amazing to Amazing and Astounding!! Whoo!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Blog Entry Warning: Stupid Blonde Bitches!

I thought I should post a warning on the entry below titled Stupid Blonde Bitches. It's higly political, vulgar, and mean. If you're easily offended, consider yourself warned. If you're shocked and outraged, don't say I didn't warn you. If you're mad at me, good. It's about time people started to think.

I don't make any excuses for what I posted, except that I didn't write it a month ago.

Stupid Blonde Bitches

I remember my friend Kasey telling me that on his farm growing up, sometimes the cows would get this weird stomach bloating, and the easiest solution was to pierce the cow with a pitchfork to let the air out. I'm sure the story was a lie, but you have to give him points for creativity.

So why do I make mention of this? No, there's no need to call PETA yet. Instead, I make mention of this because there's a certain SBB (Stupid Blonde Bitch) I'd love to stab with a pitchfork. No, it's not Cameron Diaz, or even uber-whore Tara Reid. Although I certainly despise those two walking VD containment fields, this blog entry is reserved for a very special bitch. If Dante had written about the various circles of SBBs, as opposed to Hell (though the two tend to run hand in hand,) this one would be at the centre, sucking on Satan's teat.

Who's the lucky lady? Miss Brandi Swindell of Boise, Idaho! (Ooh! Spelled with an "i"! How SBB!) Brandi, like most SBBs is uppity, opinionated, and thinks she's Gawd's gift to mankind. Yes, she's the self-agrandizing twat we've witnessed in all of it's various SBB forms. So, what's so special about this SBB? She think's she's Gawd's new right hand of justice. Sort of like the Count of Monte Cristo, minus Guy Pierce's emaciated skeleton face. But most importantly, as Gawd's new appointed Right Hand, she's out to sanitize life for everyone in Idaho, and then on to the world! Hoo-ray!

Brandi first went SBB attention whoring during the Salt Lake olympics. She was a lone voice of sanity fighting that condoms NOT be distributed to the athletes. As Gawd's Right Hand (GRH), Brandi knew better than everyone else that athletes would not have sex if there were no condoms available. Instead, they would spend all of their free time reading the Word of Gawd and evangelising each other. Yeah, right. Unfortunately for Brandi, this was the WINTER olympics, where people only give a crap about ice skating. Male ice skater = GAY!!! Don't worry honey, there wouldn't have been any unwanted pregnancies anyway. Maybe a miscarried butt baby or two, but that's it.

Fresh from the rush of this self-congratulatory act that amounted to performing fellatio on Gawd (hmm... still not struck by lightning yet) Brandi went on to run for City Council in Boise. Because cerainly, if things worked out for Elle Woods in Legally Blonde 2, they must work for Brandi as GRH. Honestly, I don't know if she won or not. I hate Boise, so I could care less. A pox on Boise and their new GRH of the moment! Sheesh, that city and their religious martyrs! Where are some lions and a colliseum when you need to show them what a martyr really is. Seriously, read some Fox's Book of Martyrs, you whiney twats. Oops! I digress.

Lately, Brandi has not only been GRH in general life, but is now a special lobbyist for Gawd himself. As GRH, she has fought for Women's Rights. Well, for Brandi's right to tell women what to do, and how to do it, anyway. I'm sure the last thing she's done for female minorities like hispanic women was buy some potatoes at Albertsons, or got a new cleaning lady at the condo her parents pay for. I somehow doubt she's going to adopt any unwanted children soon, although she might in the future to avoid unsightly stretch marks. Then again, I'm sure Gawd wouldnt' allow GRH to get stretch marks. He might knock her up right before she gets married, and demand the child be named Jesus or something, but certainly not stretch marks. That would be ludicrous!

She's also been fighting those dastardly homos from getting married by fighting for a constitutional amendment in Idaho. Picking on ice skaters again? What's this girl's issue? Does Gawd think ice rinks are "unnatural" too? Ice + Summer = Certain Evil.

Another of Brandi's pet projects is the Constitutional Restoration Act of Idaho. While it may sound all summertime feel good with an urban redevelopment twist, it's a scary act. It's being propogated through the state as an act of preserving Relgious Freedom, which to a point it is. As long as you're white, privileged, and CHRISTIAN... your religion will be protected. Phew! Here's what the Idaho ACLU has to say about the proposed bill. If even 1/200th of it is true, it should send shivers down your spine. Unless you aline with the current Reich Wing Christofacists, in which case, you'll probably need a moist towelette to go cleanse yourself (although you have no idea what I'm talking about.)

o The Constitution Restoration Act of 2005, introduced in March 2005 and co-sponsored by Senator Larry Craig and Representative Butch Otter, would deny ALL federal courts - INCLUDING the U.S. Supreme Court - of any jurisdiction to review cases challenging a government official acknowledgment of "God as the sovereign source of law, liberty, or government."
o Specifically, the Act would slam shut the federal court house doors to religious minorities, parents, schoolchildren and others who seek nothing more than to have their religious and free speech claims heard before the courts most uniquely suited to entertain such claims.
o The Constitution Restoration Act also serves as a punitive measure, providing for the impeachment of judges for fulfilling their constitutional duties to review laws that potentially violate the Constitution itself.
o Additionally, the Constitution Restoration Act states that no federal court, including the U.S. Supreme Court, may rely upon international law, except that from English constitutional and common law prior to the adoption of the U.S. Constitution.
o By preventing individuals from addressing their constitutional grievances in federal court, the Act inevitably violates principles of separation of powers, equal protection, and due process.
o It also undermines public confidence in the federal courts by expressing outright hostility toward them, threatens the legitimacy of future congressional action by removing the federal courts as a neutral arbiter, and rejects the unifying function of the federal judiciary by denying federal courts the opportunity to interpret the law. This would potentially create a situation where we could have as many as 50 different interpretations of any relevant federal constitutional question.
o This bill is dangerous and reactionary pieces of legislation in response to unpopular court decisions.

Great idea Idaho. Let's follow this SBB as GRH and make this a law. Then, when the federal government realizes that we just commited an act that's tatamount to treason, we can all giggle together and say "just kidding!" Right.

I hate politics, despise them actually, but I hate uppity SBBs even more. I'm pissed that I just lost an hour of my life complaining about this Reich Winger. Brandi, if I see you when I get back to Idaho, expect a pitchfork to the head. Consider it payment for all of your hard work.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Electrofunk Lesbians

Why yes, I have been blogging... but not here. Teehee. I needed to take a short break with Blandella and work on some other stuff that needed to be commited to cyberspace (since paper doesn't exactly happen anymore.) I needed a less visible (er... known) venue to conduct my publishing.

I was recently saddened by iTunes not offering the DFA Remixes: Chapter 1 and was forced to go to my local HMV and purchase it today. After two store employees and I scoured the store for 20 minutes trying to find the 6 copies they had, I found that the store price was higher than the internet store price. Over here, the online stores are ususally separate entities from the brick-n-mortar stores, though both housed under the parent company, so they can set their own prices. Odd, I know. Anyway, I used my NUS student discount and got it for the same price. I know I could have waited and got it in the US... but why wait? A bird in the hand, and all that. I quickly ran home, ripped it to iTunes, put it on the iPod, and went running at the iGym. I've been remiss about attending the gym over the last month, and thought this was a good time to get back into the flow. Worked the legs too hard, and have jello thighs tonight. Grrrr....

While I was out shopping, I found the coolest present for Rui. Since he's probably going to read this, I won't say what I got for his return from Lisbon. We'll just say that it was marked down incredibly, and he'll most likely wet himself like those submissive dogs that wee everywhere when you go to pet them.

I've been in a depressed funk yesterday and today, since Syndie left (Whaaah!!!) and Rui is out of town for a week (Whaaaah!!!) I was looking in a store and found a copy of the book The Hours that the movie was based off of. It was only 99p, so it was tempting. I didn't watch the film for a long time, because I was in my stolid good-boy phase (some know what I'm talking about.) After I watched it, I really enjoyed it. I just couldn't get the book today. Reading about depressed lesbians would probably set me over the edge today. Maybe tomorrow.