Thursday, June 30, 2005

Wedding Bells

I just discovered that Opsonic got married! He didn't even tell me! No phone carrier pigeon. I'm upset.

Actually, I'm delighted for him. He and MadDog are one of the most unique, exciting, and loving couples I know. Good for them!

You can see their wedding photo here.


S. and W. kidnapped me last night, and took me to Blackfoot; aka Mini-Murderville USA. A few years ago, it had a higher homicide rate than Chicago, and that's for a town of about 5000 people.

S. wanted me to meet his friends that are up from California. They're sign language interpreters that are here to take a few summer classes at ISU. They were house sitting for a professor/friend in Blackfoot, and taking care of her two dogs, Max and Buddy. Buddy is obese, and is suffering from a bad back and hips. Max was in a car accident as a puppy, and lost one of his back legs. I don't think he's realized it yet though, so it didn't seem like such a bad thing.

If you're ever kidnapped and taken to Blackfoot, demand that your kidnappers take you to dinner at El Mirador like S. and W. did. They've got some great chile verde (and I loves me some good chile verde) and other food. I wanted to try the molcajete (Mexican stew - yummy!) but it cost quite a bit, and I felt bad since S. was paying.

In other news: I'm off to Park City, UT this holiday weekend with S., W., and the sign-language crew. We're going to stay in a condo there, and just hang out. It should be a lot of fun. I'm taking my digital camera, so if I spot any celebrities wandering around (even C-listers), I'll make sure to get some pics. Do celebs hang out at Park City if Sundance isn't going on? Guess we'll see...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Repressed Mormons

There are a lot of repressed Mormon kids where I live. A lot! They find themselves torn between the lives they want to lead, and the lives they are expected to lead. Usually, these lives are in complete contrast to each other. Molly Mormon wants to be Samantha Jones from Sex and the City, but instead is forced to lead a life of Kool-Aid Cosmos and WalMart fashion. Peter Priesthood wants to be James Bond, but instead is forced to lead a "dangerous" life of Mountain Dew and the occasional semi-scandalous American Eagle t-shirt.

One thing I'm always quick notice is the sexual repression. Trust me, there's nothing wrong with being an adult, and still being a virgin. Still being a virgin that whines about it constantly, and is always alluding to sexual situations is kind of lame. No, very lame. That's what I saw last night. I went with a friend to the going away party of this girl Megan. Megan is the typical Molly Mormon. Heck, she's even moving to Utah to wallow in all of the Utard glory. Anyway, she decided that we should play a game where we all write questions, and then take turns drawing them out of a hat and answering them. Okay...I'm game...but only for a short time. It was after the first round that I realized we were on a one way trip to Repressionville. "If you could have the best sex of your life, but it was with the ugliest person alive, would you do it?" "What's the sexiest part of another person's body?" "How many times have you had sex?" Blah, blah, blah...on and on it went.

It's the constant attention of the taboo that gets to me. If you want to have sex, do it, but be willing to deal with the consequences. If you're saving yourself for social or religious regions, good for you...just shut the hell up about it. The very thing you've been putting off has become a sick obsession, and to be frank, it's very repulsive. This, in turn, will help ensure that you won't get laid, and thus, reinforce your obsession. Welcome to the grand cycle of repression.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Under Pressure

"Pressure...pushing down on me..."

I've had an odd blog block for the past few weeks. So much is going on in my life over the past month, that I can't process it. When I can't process it, I can't write about it. I haven't been able to find the therapeutic value of writing at this point in my life, but it sure would be nice to discover.

Things are official with England in September. I'll be there for 9 months. I'm excited, then terrified, then nauseus, and then the cycle starts all over. I thought my parents would be fairly okay with my decision, but they flipped out. I'm 28, and I still worry about what they think.

I feel like I've got so much on my plate right now, and I've gotten a sudden case of Lindsay Lohan anorexia. Can't eat! Too much! Blech!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Gallery of the Absurd

I seem to be full of shout outs today, so I need to plug The Gallery of the Absurd. This is what I would like to do, assuming I ever had A) time and B) talent and C) initiative. Lacking any of those three, let alone all three, condemns you to a life of mediocrity. I'm learning to deal.

In the meantime, visit someone that is the antithesis of me! Go to The Gallery of the Absurd, where you can see great images such as this one.

Best. Gossip. Ever.

I came across a great blog a couple of weeks ago, but keep forgetting to give it a plug here. I literally visit this site every day, because it's always getting updated with new, juicy, celebrity gossip (and would we love any other kind?)

So, a big shout out to Trent at Pink is the New Blog!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Jane Austen

Laird's comment on the last post made me think of old phrases, such as "pray tell" that just aren't used very much anymore, or who's definitions have changed dramatically. So, I'll dedicate this post to two Jane Austen phrases that aren't used the same way anymore.

Make Love: to flirt with, show affection towards, or even brown nose. Used in most Austen books, but the funniest time is when it's used by the father in Pride and Prejudice about a visiting man. "He'll flounce, and smirk, and make love to us all." Something to that effect. I sniggered when I read it, because that phrase has definitely changed.

Ejaculate: This is a loud, uncontrolled exclamation. Used in most Austen books, but one time it caught me off guard is in Mansfield Park for an argument between Fanny and Edward. Edward gets upset and "ejaculated at Fanny." Whew! Today, he'd go to jail for a number of years, and have to register with the local police department for the rest of his life.

So, here are some ways that normal phrases have changed to become sexual in our time. I entreat all of you to read some Jane Austen books, and see if you can find other examples. I highly recommend Pride and Prejudice and Emma, although they're all great reads.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hello Lover

I bumped into an old lover this week. At first it was a little awkward, because we hadn't seen each other in almost a year. We used to get along so well, and know each other even better. We spent so much time together that it was almost obscene. We were the perfect compliments to each other, and our love was a thing of epic proportions. We made sweet, sweet love to each other most of last summer, and then never bothered seeing each other during the school year. I was to blame for that one.

Okay, you caught me! It was a book. I'm in love with reading! (Although I don't think this blog entry will ever make a literacy campaign really should. Let's give the people what they want!)

I don't ususally have time to read for pleasure during the school year. Okay, maybe I do...but I choose not to. And no, my time is not spent reading text books. Hell, I don't even buy the text books...waste of money. Anyway...I picked up a book a couple of days ago. This was the first time since last summer that I'd read something just because I could...and I LOVED it! It was great! I just can't get enough of it! I want more, more, more! I can't wait until lunch when I can run home and read more. (A little literature "afternoon delight.")

Oh literacy, I have missed you!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Running Critical Updates...

Wow...almost a month since an update. That's bad. I thought I'd have all of this free time during the summer to get a bunch of stuff done, but that hasn't been the case at all. I go to bed extremely late, get up early...drink a lot of coffee to survive. Don't get paperwork done that's extremely important. Don't blog. Don't's all going so fast.

Rick VS. England: Yep. I'm outta here. Off to Plymouth, England for a semester this fall. They don't start classes until September, so maybe I can fit a breather in there somewhere. My sister's going to go over with me, and we'll tour the UK for 10 days before classes start. I'm looking forward to it, but a little scared at the same time. I'm mainly just worried about money. The dollar is total **** right now compared to the pound.

Rick VS. US Gov't: The Army called Opsonic back to active duty. Bastards. He's a shining star, and I worry about his future. Probably almost more than my own, but that's okay. I hope MadDog is okay. I hope Opsonic is okay. I hope Bush gets gang raped by ugly Muslims on a sexual Jihad. Uber-bastard.

Rick VS. Work: Willow summed it up best as an evil vampire with "bored now." Monotony breeds contempt. I ooze contempt right now. Blah. Rage against the machine, indeed.

Rick VS. Utards:
I will be attending the Utah Scottish Festival and Highland Games this weekend. Woot! I had to miss it last year because of a wedding, and it still chafes like wet leather pants. I shall not be daunted this year though. Wicked Tinkers, here I come!

Rick VS. Romance: ??? Yeah right, like I'm going to talk about that here.

Rick VS. Bloc Party: Get this CD. Now. Bitch. Do it. One of the most interesting and original albums I've heard in a while. Rock on you funky British boys!

Rick VS. YOU! Feel free to comment, and let me know people still actually read this.