Friday, July 29, 2005


This could be the very minute
I'm aware I'm alive
All these places feel like home

With a name I'd never chosen
I can make my first steps
As a child of 25

This is the straw, final straw in the
Roof of my mouth as I lie to you
Just because I'm sorry doesn't mean
I didn't enjoy it at the time

You're the only thing that I love
It scares me more every day
On my knees I think clearer

Goodness knows I saw it coming
Or at least I'll claim I did
But in truth I'm lost for words

What have I done it's too late for that
What have I become truth is nothing yet
A simple mistake starts the hardest time
I promise I'll do anything you ask...this time

"Chocolate" by Snow Patrol

Apology to J. Ho

Jenny from the Block! I deeply apologize that I haven't returned your phone call yet. I keep forgetting until it's way too late to give you a call. Stupid Eastern Standard Time! I'm sorry...and I'll try to give you a call soon.

I got your post card the other day too. Thanks! *grin* You're such a sweetheart!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

CD Cover Creation

I've gotten a wild bug up my rump to start creating mix CDs for friends lately (and I need to make one for J. Ho very soon!) This is the cover I made for the mix disc created for C's birthday gift.

I'm currently working on both another mix disc, as well as another cover. It's nice to know that art/design can be fun, when you're doing it for yourself, rather than school/work.

PS - I'm not sure why, but parts of this look completely different in the jpg than they do on the original file. The fonts are all goofy - like the stroke on the title being WAY off and the drop-shadow hell!

Mas Pollo, Por Favor!

S. reinvigorated the masses last night with a redux of the classic chicken bbq magic he does so well. It was C.'s birthday, and there was a discussion about making it a great certainly Limetastic Chicken De S. was in order. There had been discussion of a birthday dinner at Sizzler, but that affront to tastebuds everywhere was thankfully axed.

Everyone then pretended that they had to call it an early evening, and we met later for a surprise B-Day party for C. You could definitely see the disappointment on C's face as he thought he was being ditched on his momentous occasion. There's nothing like coming to Idaho for your birthday, only to be ditched by everyone and told you'll spend the evening watching the Food Network...if you're lucky.

Mwahaha! We're much too sneaky and always on the prowl for a good time to let a prime opportunity like a B-Day party pass by. Hopefully C. really did enjoy his surprise party, and the rest of his stay here in Idaho.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

He Touched Your Breasts?

In honour of S. cooking us some of the most rockin' chicken that I've ever had, I'm posting a pic of the grilling process. Those are limes on the chicken. Limes! Maybe it's my English ancestry, but flavours like lime and chicken never went together in my house growing up. Then again, food and flavour never really went together, now that I think about it. Hmmm....

4th of July (A Little...or Lot....Late)

Here's a quick collage of pics I made from MK's photos of the Summer Crew hanging out in Park City over the 4th of July weekend.

Admittedly, I thought I'd have blogged about that weekend a few weeks ago, but much like everything in my life, it's been pushed aside until a later date. Since it's a little late to give a play-by-play of the weekend, I'll just touch on some of the highlights.

Sunday: As we traveled to Park City, S. and I decided to make a song on my PowerBook using GarageBand. Since I've never really used GarageBand, it was as good a time as any to learn the program. We ended up goofing around, and made a middle-eastern sounding tune, which we promptly named "S.'s Asian Erotica Mix."

When we got to the condo (which was really nice), we played some games, had some dinner, did a little wandering, and then goofed around the condo. Around 11 that night, a neighbor came over and asked us to be quiet. This was fine, except for the last sentence where she said, "or the next people that come over here will be the cops, rather than me." Since she'd just had a baby, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume it was the hormones affecting her, and she's not naturally such an incredulous bitch. Nah...she's a bitch! Learn some manners, and stop with the unwarranted threats, lady.

Monday (4th of July): Happy B-Day America! We set off in the morning in search of breakfast. Apparently, Park City residents take their national holidays very seriously, as hardly any restaurants were open. We went from restaurant to restaurant trying to find a place to eat. We finally found one, where they refused to make separate checks when we ordered. Um, excuse me, but I've worked food service, and know that it isn't any harder to do separate checks than it is to do one. And, the food was only mediocre...and expensive. My buckwheat pancakes tasted like ass after about 3 bites. Maple syrup drenched ass, but ass none the less. They also sat in my gut like a load of bricks for the rest of the day. I give buckwheat pancakes in Park City two emphatic thumbs down.

We then wandered around the town, goofing around. We even went to the old prison, which is where I think Martha Stewart should have served her swanky incarceration. I guess there's still hope Lil' Kim will come to her senses.

That night, we went across the street and experienced the joy of the fireworks. This experience was even more poignant as a rogue bottle rocket escaped and wizzed a few feet away from our heads. There's nothing like the threat of having an eye poked out to make fireworks that much more colorful... or the inside of your underwear.

There was also a lot of booze that night. I discovered that Southern Comfort and Coke tastes almost exactly like Nyquil when mixed together. It also messes you up pretty well. It was on this night that I got drunk for the first time in my life...and it was a doozy. Falling down in the street type drunk. Bawling on S.'s shoulder for a half hour type drunk. Never want to do that again type drunk.

Tuesday: We headed back to Pocatello in the morning, with a stop in downtown SLC for food. If you're ever in the mood for a good breakfast in SLC for a cheap price, and in a cool building complete with a miget-sized door for the servers, then head on over to Lamb's on Main. Yum! Even with a nasty foggy-headed hangover, it was pretty good.

I then went home and slept the rest of the day. *sigh* It was a crazy but exceptionally fun weekend.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The New Summer Crew

So, in case you're wondering who I've spent most of my time with this summer, it's with this group of folks. My New Summer Crew. I named them after this record I had as a kid, by people in animal costumes called the "New Zoo Review." It was hot.

This was taken the first night I met almost all of these people. I knew S. before then, and had met W., but was suddenly thrust into this group of dynamic, interesting people. And you know what? I love 'em! They're funkier than an 8th grade boy's PE locker, but we all get along so well. I'm just sad this summer's going by so fast.

Find the Wookie

S. was excited to show us his new Star Wars boxers a few weeks ago. Can you find the Wookie?

Thursday, July 14, 2005

American Falls Idol

I wish I could sing karaoke.

I went to sing karaoke with some friends last night, and wanted to do it...but couldn't. I'm an okay singer, so that's not the problem. The problem is that I suffer from stage freight something terrible. I get all sweaty and suddenly have a weird form of psychosomatic asthma attack. My chest gets tight, and I can't breathe. It sucks!!

What drives me nuts is that I want to do it, but my body/mind won't let me. I was going to rock the Scissor Sisters' "Take Your Mama Out", but freaked out and couldn't do it. Trent decided to do it instead. He just stood there while he sang it. I would have at least shaken the booty a little bit, even if only a little. You can't sing Jake Shears and just stand there! So later, I was going to do George Michael's "Freedom 90", but again was deterred by sweaty palms and a lack of air.

Sadly, you can't be a power tenor and a coward at the same time.

Monday, July 11, 2005


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Killer Hemorrhoids

I'm always amazed at the stuff you'll come across on the internet, and today's picture was no exception. Admittedly, an evil voice inside of me is concocting wicked plans to hang similar signs around Pocatello. Teehee!

A trail of blog links led me to the website of Chris Glass, and this crazy picture.

Projects worth doing

Every now and then, I get a fun video project at work. Today I got one of those projects.

I was editing a dance training video for the hip hop dance instructor at ISU. He's working on choreographing a music video, and needed some help editing the video to send to the music group. It wasn't the most exciting video (and was poorly shot to boot), but I had a grand time editing it together. It's always better to work on exciting stuff like that than converting pre-recorded lectures to streaming formats for the web. ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz......those projects put me to sleep.

So, if anyone wants to learn the dance steps to the "Like Whoa" video by Tireen, I can now hook you up. Heck, I think I might have actually learned the dance after watching the steps about 30 times.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

I'm going nuts...

I can't sit here anymore. I'm at work, and I just want to scream. It's not because of anything at work, for the first time in a really long time, but a ton of external things. I feel like I've got too many thoughts going on in my head, and they're all clammoring for space in there. A chorus of voices shouting for my attention, and I don't want to listen to any of them.

I'm just feeling funky, in a depressed sort of way. I feel so completely powerless about a number of things going on in my life right now. A friend asked last night if I was happier now with my life, after making some major changes, than I was a few years ago when I was fighting myself. I don't know. I'm not sure. At times I am, and at others, I'm eaten from the inside by a terrible grief/guilt that threatens to consume me.

London's burning. A friend's about to go into a potentially dangerous situation. Another friend might be in a suicidal funk, and has me worried. My sister's cracking up, and sends me weird emails, but won't talk to me in person or over the phone about the emails. She pretends that nothing's wrong, when I know that too much is.

Why did I get out of bed this morning?

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I Need Some Moon Boots

I've got a lot to blog about my so-much-fun-it-should-be-criminal weekend, but I've wanted to do a photoblog. I know, Opsonic would pee his pants with shock, if he hadn't just got shipped out for Army duty. I mainly have Shawn to thank for lots and lots and lots and lots of pictures of Park City. Narry a celebrity in sight, but it was still a grand trip. Back to the point - I want to use Flickr for my photoblog capabilities, but of course they've waited until this week to update their server. Bland pics from Blandella will have to wait a little while.

So, while we all wait for Flickr to get their act together (I love a scapegoat!) I highly suggest that you listen to a new folk group called Without Gravity (thus, the cheesy moon boots reference.) Their song "Beautiful Son" is fantastic... beautiful guitars, thoughtful lyrics, heart-rending vocals, stunning musical arrangements. If I could write a song, I'd want it to be this one.