Thursday, February 02, 2006

Jenny from the Block

I lost your address, and the email I had for you keeps bouncing back to me. Could you email me at blandella(at) and let me know your contact info please?

Off On an Adventure

Syndie and I leave early tomorrow morning for our big trip to Stonehenge, London, and Amsterdam. I'm really excited, and hope that the trip will help give me some drive to do some work when I get back. I'm also hoping I can get some more concrete ideas for my Experimental Project by the time I get back. I've got a rough skeleton of my film, but it really needs to be fleshed out in the near future in order to get going.

I'll be back next Wednesday, and will let everyone know how the trip was, as well as post a picture or two (or link to Syndie, who will surely post a pic or two.)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I feel powerless

I'm attempting to move down the hall. I figure that since I spend more of my time over there than I do in my own flat anyway, it's probably not a bad idea. Also, since there will be an impending homocide if I don't leave this flat, I think it's time to go.

But today, I find out that the flat I want to move into is a "girls only" flat. Apparently they're set up that way for people with "religious regions" why they can't live in mixed company. I wish a few of my flatmates held those convictions currently.

Anyway, I clearly (and forcefully) stated that this was sexual discrimination. She just looked at me blandly and said that it didn't matter... the religious issue trumped my discrimination. Arrgh! If I was in the US, I'd just bitch and moan until I got what I wanted. Over here, the more you bitch and moan, the more they enjoy being their beurocratic-stick-up-the-ass selves and not helping you.

Now, I have to get all of the girls that live in that flat to go to the housing office on campus, and say that it's okay for me to live there. I don't think I can properly explain to the Spanish girl what's going on, or why she needs to go there. Yet again, another lesson on British futility is thrown my way.

VJ update

Andy did show me some interesting websites and programs today for VJing. Hopefully I can figure out some stuff in the near future, and get to work on my project. Hopefully that part is worth all of the effort too.

Oh, and because some people tend to take too literal of a stance in life, disregard that entry about crazy dust. It was just random thoughts that were streaming real time out of my brain's RSS feed.