Thursday, June 21, 2007

Chinese in the Park

Syndie and I went to one of the most awful movies I've seen in quite some time tonight. If you've ever thought about watching the film "Reign Over Me" - don't. It was boring drivel that managed to make something novel and personal into boring and trite. I think the movie might have been two hours long, but it felt at least like 5 hours passed in the theater. That's never a good sign for a movie.

The one thing to come from the film was a hankering for Chinese food. Adam Sandler's whiney-ass character is always wanting Chinese food. So, Syndie and I went and got takeout, then went up to the city park a few blocks away and ate our food. As we were about to leave, the sprinkler system turned on and we ran shrieking from our table as cold water sprayed across us. It was shocking, yet refreshing... very unlike the film we'd seen just before then.