Thursday, May 22, 2008

Peaches or Coconuts?

I was just watching a travel show where the host was discussing a chat she'd had with two French men. The men had said that there are two people in the world: peaches and coconuts. Peaches are all fuzzy on the outsize but have a dark, hard pit on the inside. Coconuts are hard on the outside, but are sweet on the inside.

After being in Europe, it actually makes a lot of sense. People there are initially more reserved and inaccessible, but after a short time, you get to really now them. People here tend to be open and friendly at the beginning, but then you realize you probably won't get to know the real them, and usually it's pretty bitter at its core.

I never thought I'd say this, but hopefully I'm a coconut. Then again, I'm becoming pretty frakking jaded, so maybe I am just a peach.

Taco Hell

I ran into my old boss today at Taco Bell, and was reminded what a huge douche bag he is. I saw him get out of his car ahead of me, and almost considered going somewhere else, but decided I hadn't ever done anything wrong, and he should be the abashed one who went elsewhere. I said hi to him, because he was staring at me on my way in, but I wasn't polite. I didn't hold the door for him, and ignored him the rest of the time I was in there.

I tried to leave that job on a good note, but he wouldn't leave me be, and thus deserves nothing but my condemnation. What he demanded I do on my second to last day was unethical and illegal, and adding the phrase "you're still under contractual obligation" just made it even more so on both ends. I realized today how angry I still am about the situation from last fall.

Oh, and here's a news flash dude; you're not a real ally to LGBT people at all, because you exploit them to further your own professional status. You're just as disgusting as those fascists at Focus on the Family. Actually, you're worse. At least they have the dignity to be open about their willingness to use and abuse LGBT people for their own personal gains, while you rely on subterfuge to get the same end result.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

California Dreamin'

The Agenda: The Ting Tings

I have an agenda. It's to get people to listen to more diverse musical acts, and experience an artist they might not normally gravitate towards. (Unless you're Rui, in which case you probably heard their album 2 months before I even heard of the group. He's amazing that way.)

This week's spotlight artist is the Ting Tings. I don't really know much about them, and can't be bothered to look up info about them. I just know that they kind of sound like a quirky mix of CSS and New Young Pony Club. One of their songs is on an iPod ad right now, but our tv reception is crap so I haven't seen it. I just listened to the clips on iTunes and though the album was worth checking out.

Since today is cloudy and gross, I decided to add a sprinkle of sunshine by offering the Ting Ting's Fruit Machine. Enjoy!

Storm is comin'

Our weather has been really odd as of late. It's gone from the mid-60's last week to the lower 90s over the weekend, and now it's going to return to the 60s for a while. I really just wish it would find some consistency, rather that be warm or cool.

There was a big wind storm this evening. Shawn and I got to see all of the lights on Yellowstone Ave. go out as we pulled into the Fred Meyer parking lot. I know it sounds dumb, but I thought I'd gone blind or something, because suddenly there was no light except the dashboard in the 4Runner. It only took me a second to figure out what'd happened, but I felt like the blind sister in Little House on the Prairie. Scratch that... I totally felt like her hot blind boyfriend. Shawn could be the blind sister.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pandora Radio

I usually love Pandora radio, because you're able to create your own stations and tailor it to your own tastes. I have an adult alternative one, a Brit(ish) one, a mellow jazz one, well, you get the idea. Lately though, it seems like they've been picking some seriously odd songs, or just playing 10 remixes from the same LP over and over. I swear if I heard one more crap remix of "Ice Cream" by New Young Pony Club, I was gonna throw the work computer off the desk.

Hopefully it gets a little better soon, or I figure out how to make it better.

Well, if Opieblue can do it...

I just saw that Opieblue was blogging again after a year, so I figured maybe I could too. Perhaps I'll get some of the diaries I've posted over at Pam's House Blend and post them here for filler. Perhaps I won't. Either way, I feel inclined to blog again. And yes, I did say that just a few months ago and then drop it. Such is the way of life.