Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hooked on Phonics

I discovered yesterday afternoon that RealMedia has the new Stereophonics album available to be streamed for a limited time. Not just 30 second samples, but the full album, "Language. Sex. Violence. Other?"

The album is worth it for Dakota alone, but the rest is equally amazing. (You must have RealPlayer installed for the song to work.)

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Fitting Haiku:

Wow, three posts in one day. Any readers I may have left (I'm pretty sure they ran away long, long ago) may now rejoice or cower in fear, as it is either Christmas, or a sign of the Apocalypse.

Here's a haiku I just found on the web. I'm sure it was written about me.

Hidden under my

Faux-hawk is a heart of mush -

What if someone sees?

Yep. It's all about me.
Thanks to Joel Derfner

My Momma Said...

I went to dinner last night with my mom. Usually it's not that big of a deal, because I just sit and listen to her gossip about her co-workers and my sisters. But last night was different. She decided she needed to be more involved with my life. Now, don't get me wrong, I do like my mom, but there are some good reasons that I've kept her uninvolved from my life. She's got major control issues. Maybe not issues...more like a whole subscription.

Anyway, she really made me mad last night. I'll list the reasons. First, she showed up almost an hour later than she said she would. I can understand if she was going to be late, but maybe she could finally figure out how to use her cell phone, and give me a call to let me know.

Second, at dinner, she kept telling me that there's some stupid girl she works with that she wants to set me up with. Couldn't sniff a clue that I WAS NOT interested. She then went on to whine that I'm "not giving her any grandkids." *sniff, sob* Aren't the 9 you have right now enough? If you're that desperate for love and affection, adopt a Chinese baby or something, but leave me alone. I'm not about to ruin my life so you can have more grandkids.

Third, she went on to announce that I will be spending the 4th of July weekend with her and my father, and that I am in charge of planning the itinerary. Actually, I already have plans that weekend, and they don't involve family or itineraries. I don't want to go to Glacier Park or San Francisco (WTF?!?) just because it's a three-day weekend. Besides, my family and vacations go together like alcoholics and open bars...the co-dependent relationships are killer.

Finally, she has also decided that I won't get a job after I graduate, so I need to hurry and switch majors. Yeah. Great idea. I have 15 credits to graduate, so now would be a perfect time to switch majors. I think she's just pissed off because I told her I won't move to Boise. Besides the fact that I just don't like Boise, there's too much family drama there now. I don't need to add myself to the mix, especially if my parents move there like they keep talking about.

So, in the space of two hours, she managed to completely piss me off. I manage to do a fine job of messing up my life on my own, I don't need someone else telling me what to do. Sheesh! I feel like I'm 5 again, but with a better defined sense of frustration.

Blog Blocked

I haven't blogged since last Thursday, mainly because I can't think of anything to write. With school being done, I'm finding less to talk about. There's a lot I could say about work right now, but since I don't want to get dooced, I'll refrain from telling all about my office.

In Wacky News in Rick's Life, I once again saw a gruesome animal mutilation. This time, it was in the form of a dog's head on the interstate as I drove to Idaho Falls. No body, just the head. Poor puppy.

I downloaded Amerie's "1 Thing" last night, and got the new version with Eve. It was after I downloaded it that I found I got the short version. If only I'd paid more attention to iTunes store, I could have had an extra 30 seconds of song. Live and learn, I guess. Even though I got the short version, I still highly recommend the song.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Feeling like a Thursday Morning

I took my last final this morning at 7:30. It was the Spanish final. It didn't go as poorly as I was predicting, but I definitely should have spent more time studying for it. Only about an hour was not enough. I've convinced myself that it wasn't really my fault, because I was a victim of a system that pits all of my finals up against each other. How can I study for Spanish when I've got other finals to study for? How can I study for Spanish when I'm burned out from other exams? See, it's all in how you justify these things to yourself. I'm a master justifier, which I'm not sure is a real word, but I will use it anyway. I am the anti-Dr. Laura!

I went home and watched some daytime television after the Spanish final. Watched some "Cosby Show." Man, that was a good show. However, it all went downhill after Cosby was over. Daytime television is the biggest bunch of snively crap! As if the content of the whiney "My man just plays videogames" talk shows isn't bad enough, every commercial is directed towards people with major issues. Morbidly obese, bad credit, anxiety attacks, adult ADD, low self name it, there's a commercial for it. Each commercial offers a quick fix. Here's my quick fix. Stop watching daytime televison! Get a job! Do something with your life! Don't sit on your ass watching Marcia whine that Jimmy won't support her and their 3 kids...go support yourself and your kids.

Whew! I'm bitchy! Oh crap! Maybe I'm Dr. Laura after all! Worse yet, with all of these hideous contradictions in what I say, and complete lack of empathy, maybe I'm Ann Coulter! NOOOOOO! If you'll please excuse me, I suddenly feel anorexic now. I'll be in the bathroom puking and making up lies if you need me.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Finals Week...

I'm brain dead. I'm just finishing my final projects for Photoshop class tonight (this morning?), and I have to be back in 6 hours to present my final pictures. I made faux magazine covers, a la "Teen Bear Magazine." Thanks for the idea Tony.

I can't wait until finals are over. I have my last one at 7:30am on Thursday, which is a comprehensive Spanish final. As I've stated before, Espanol isn't going so hot. I still think that whoever invented 7:30 finals needs dragged out into the street and beaten like a pinata until candy comes matter how long it takes.

So, good luck on your finals, if you're going through that hell at the moment!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Re: Bachelors and Pigs

Yesterday was not like I thought it would be.

The bachelor party got scrapped because about half the people that were supposed to go couldn't. Setting the party for college students the weekend before finals wasn't a great idea. I'm not even in marketing, and I could have told them that. At least I can put off tool purchases for a month or so.

Since this left me free, I should have been able to go get some pig at the pig roast. Instead, I had to wait for J. to get off work from euthanising dogs at the pet shelter, because he was the only one who knew where we were going. Too bad he forgot to inform me he didn't get off work until 8pm! Then, we were supposed to wait for S, who never showed up, so we left an hour late. Apparently S. was hooking up with some trick he met over the internet. Classy. When we showed up at 9pm, the pig was gone, except for some leftovers in baggies. I opted for carrot cake instead. Note to self: Carrot cake + cheap beer = disgusting. I then got stuck babysitting a drunk undergrad who thought I was his best friend. Hooray. The pig roast fiesta of the century was not everything it was purported to be.

I knew I should have just stayed home and watched "Firefly" instead. But then I would have missed out on Idaho Nachos at Papa Paul's at 2am, and more of K's stories about what homeless men will do for beer in Salt Lake City.

Feel Good Inc.

I'm an early adopter!!! Yay! I've never been one before, and now I can revel in what tiny bit of glory I can find!

I've been listening to the new Gorillaz song a lot lately, "Feel Good Inc." and watching the incredible video. Then, low and behold, I'm watching "Desperate Housewives" tonight, and there's a new iPod commercial...playing my song!

Yes, my life really is this sad.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Bachelor Parties and Pig Roasts

I don't want to go out tonight...but I'm obligated. I have to go to a bachelor party for my friend Andy in a few hours, but I don't want to. I also have to go buy him tools at Sears before I go. I'm not sure who started the tradition of having tool bachelor parties, but I'd like to smash their mouth with a monkeywrench. I'm tired of buying people stuff just because they're getting married. Someone should buy me gifts because I clipped my toenails this morning. Hey, they're equally silly reasons to get someone gifts.

I'm also supposed to go to the Anthropology Department's annual pig roast tonight, after the bachelor party (well, actually during the bachelor party...which got sprung on me last weekend...and I'm not happy.) Anyway, the Anthro club went all out, and has been roasting a whole pig in a buried fire pit since midnight last night. It sounds completely unsanitary to me, but I'm willing to give it a try.

Problem is, I don't want to do anything tonight. I'd much rather just lay on my couch and watch the "Firefly" DVDs. What a great show! Unfortunately, most people don't applaud my decisions to forego human contact for DVD watching.

Sorry, just had to whine.

Friday, May 06, 2005

I Hate Decisions

Just when I thought I'd figured out a thing or two, my life's suddenly not making any sense at all.

First, I discovered that I didn't get the job I applied for. The news was broken to me by my boss, who thought I had been told at that point. It wasn't the greatest way to hear about it, since he was assuming I knew. I have a lot I could say about not getting this position, but for the sake of propriety, I'll keep my big mouth shut (or fingers from is the case.)

Then, this morning, I had to visit the Study Abroad office to tell them that I was turning down my acceptance at Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland next year. It was going to cost me $19,000 for the year (for the minimum of room/board/tuition) and then they screwed me over on classes. I sent them a huge list of classes I could take over there. They then accepted me based on those classes, and then sent me an email telling me I couldn't take any of the classes I wanted, but only journalism classes they had chose for me. Um, no thanks.

So, feeling like Life had officially spit in my eye or flipped me the bird, I came to work with a sad resignation in my heart. I then opened my email to find a letter from the woman in charge of British study abroad for the group my university works through. She told me there's an opening for me to go to Plymouth, England next year, and pay the same tuition I would if I was here at ISU. They also have some good looking classes. The international experience would make my resume look incredibly good. I'd be in England!!! (Total Anglophile here!)

Oh man! I hate making decisions! I'm so indecisive that I sometimes don't eat dinner because I can't decide what to eat! I spend up to two hours in the video store picking out a DVD, and I think there's something wrong with the fact it takes longer to find a DVD than it does to watch it. I'm a mess. I'm also taking advice. Polls are open.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Cruising with Prof. W.

Today's been interesting already, and it's not even 1pm yet. The morning started with Spanish class, where I discovered that I got a 95% on the test I thought I had flunked! Hooray! I'm not as bilingually challenged as I had previously thought. However, I did come to realize that skipping Tuesday's class and not learning about indirect object pronouns for a little bit more sleep was not a good idea.

Anyway, back to the subject. I was hanging out with Prof. W. this morning after class, and we were talking about a film school that's supposed to be starting here in Idaho. I noticed that it was for "family films" (eg. Mormon approved...let's call it what it is people). Then, we discussed how the chair of our department felt threatened and was blowing smoke up others' butts about starting a film school here. It's not going to happen. Then we got talking of rumors about the chair (getting the dirt can be quite satisfying.)

There's a rumor that the chair had put his house up for sale, because he wants to leave the school. Since W. and I had nothing better to do, we went for a drive to see if it was true. Went to the house. No for sale sign. We were depressed. Got stuck waiting for a train to cross in front of us. Talked. Found out more about my program in 15 minutes than I had in the last year. Got back to school. Talked to T.'s live-in girlfriend, and found out the rumor was true. Rejoiced.

It's funny having personal relationships with your professors. It's nice, but it feels like you're crossing some professional boundary at the same time. I'm also learning there's a lot of politics involved with higher education.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

That Makes Me Mad...

Juan posted an open letter to a nasty flight attendant on Boozhy. I agree that Juan was a victim of complete stupidity disguised under the banner of religious correctness (the new political correctness turned on its ear.) Go read Juan's Open Letter to see what I'm talking about.

Here's a response I wrote in an online class discussion about regulation of tv content. Nearly everyone in my class felt that tv needed to be moderated with a heavy hand, because things "are getting out of hand!" Anyway, here's my response:

All hail the new American Taliban!!! May your oppression be swift and complete, and your wife's burka cover all but her eyes!! May the Devil be stopped at all costs! It is up to us, fellow American Taliban, to stop the Devil's favorite tool, the television!! He will destroy you, your family, and all that Sheik Bush holds in highest regard. I declare a Jihad! We must take control, so that life will pass as we declare it!

Okay, I'm only half kidding this time, and yes, I hope this does cheese people off. Regulation of content is just a classier way of saying censorship. I'm not sure if I'm a conservative liberal, or a liberal conservative, but I know that I'm against content regulation. The problem is that it's a double-edged sword that will always swing back to cut you in twain. Life is not Burger King, and you can't always have it your way. There are people that would never be satisfied with any amount of regulation, even if we were to make the Taliban look like the producers of Sex and the City. Today's vocal minority will seemingly become tomorrow's moral majority, causing today's sacred cow to become tomorrow's scapegoat. No one's ever content, but they all think they should have the final say in what happens in society.

Furthermore, I'm not sure why you people keep resurrecting the myth that life was so much more classy and morally upstanding in years past. This isn't true, and it has NEVER happened. Every era's had its own flaws, including the mythical fantastic 50's. All you have to do is read a history book, a sociology book, or do a little research to find that we are NOT the most depraved society in the history of mankind, like many espouse today. Take a look at the Greeks, Babylonians, Persians, or Aztecs to see that there are things they did that still leave us aghast.

So, if you think that we should regulate content, just remember that what you hold dear may soon be fodder for regulation in the future. Like the old adage says, "One man's trash is another man's treasure."

Sunday, May 01, 2005

On Being Seduced...

I always swore that I wouldn't get into the music downloading hype. Nope. Not for this guy. While I do want an iPod really bad (and wouldn't mind a reader sending me one), I thought I'd always be a brick-and-mortar CD ripping fool. I worried about the stability of the electronic CD. After all, something that's there...but not there, can't really be trusted, can it?

So, much to my surprise, I opened iTunes this afternoon to check out some songs, and realized I've purchased 45 songs off the store already! This is after only having my Powerbook for less than 2 months, and having no money! Admittedly, most of the songs have come from free downloads, either those free from the store, or from Pepsi caps. But recently, I've started buying albums from iTunes. I know I'm going to buy Aimee Man's new one, and Ryan Adam's "Cold Roses" off iTunes when they come out.

So, iTunes has seduced me. It tells me I'm gorgeous, and beautiful. It never tells me I should do something with my hair, or should go to the gym. We never fight. I love you iTunes. You're so good to me.