Monday, August 04, 2008


Some days it seems like life is like an avalanche, with you trying your darndest to outrun it, knowing the entire time that the smallest misstep will lead to your inevitable demise. It seems like the avalanche used to just be about money. You could never have enough, and the bills just seemed to get bigger each passing year. Then the technology avalanche comes crashing down around you, sending you skittering with refreshed vigor. You need a new iPod so you can watch videos on it, but then you need more albums to download to fill the iPod, and then you realize that the groups you listen to are inferior to the groups your friends are listening to. They rule, you suck... you're not even beginning to realize how the word "obscure" is a badge of honor, not a lack of advertising. You were listening to the new Coldplay when you should have been listening to the new Sam Sparro (which you pronounced incorrectly... it's said like the bird.)

You didn't respond to the text messages quickly enough. You ignored my IMs. I won't respond to your IM until you respond to my text through a text - no, you're going about it all wrong, and my ego is not stroked enough yet. I will throw a few more pebbles on your ever expanding avalanche of money/technology/time/relationship/work guilt that snaps at your heels and constantly threatens to do you in.

Then you find a small sanctuary; a small hiding place where you can stop and breathe and feel a little serene. You watch others running from their avalanches and you start to realize that most avalanches don't need to be so big, and are usually self-created.